Motivation – 33 ESL English Discussion Questions


Here are 33 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Motivation”:


1- Have you ever tried to lose/gain weight?

2- Have you ever been on a diet, if yes, Why and what motivated you?

3- Is it important to motivate children?

4- How do you motivate children?

5- Can some people rob you of your motivation?

6- What is something a boss can do to motivate his team?

7- What would you say is your greatest motivator?

8- How do you get your friends to do something?

9- Have you ever tried to quit smoking (If you’re a smoker)?

10- How do you define motivation?

11- What are some of the factors of motivation?

12- What part does motivation play in effective teaching?

13- What is the purpose of motivation for slow learners?

14- What are the main three things that motivate you?

15- Do you feel motivated when you are at school/University/work?

16- Do you feel motivated when learning something new?

17- How would you describe motivation?

18- Does motivation affect learning?

19- How can we help people boost their motivation?

20- What is your proudest accomplishment so far this year?

21- What is the difference between internal (intrinsic) and external (extrinsic) motivation?

22- Are motivated people more successful than unmotivated people?

23- What do you do to keep your motivation?

24- Is your goal specific, measurable, with a deadline?

25- How do you maintain your motivation when you fail?

26- Do you discuss your goals and plans with others in order to keep your motivation and ambition alive?

27- How do teachers influence students’ motivation? What influence do students have on teachers’ motivation?

28- Have you ever tried to encourage someone else to do something? How did you feel after?

29- Who is the most important person in your life?

30- What influences motivation? Is it possible to modify one’s motivation based on one’s ambition?

31- Is ambition a bad personality trait?

32- Is competition good?

33- Can motivation influence competitive behavior?


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