Encouragement – 16 English Discussion Questions

Here are 16 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Encouragement”:


1- What do you do to motivate yourself when going through hard times? Is it efficient?

2- Who do you talk to for motivation and inspiration?

3- Do you read books? If yes, what books offer encouragement and inspiration?

4- Which member of your family encourages you most? How?

5- Can discouragement help us to grow and succeed? How?

6- What do you do when you feel depressed?

7- What could someone do to encourage you when you feel depressed?

8- What are some sayings in your country that bring encouragement?

9- Should people just accept and tolerate whatever comes their way?

10- How can you make this world a better place?

11-How would you encourage a homeless bun who had no friends or relatives?

12- If you suddenly became handicapped, how would you encourage yourself and others?

13- What song encourages you most?

14- Who‘s music encourages you most?

15- What person/celebrity has inspired you the most? How?

16- When should you see a counselor or psychologist?

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