Pets – 15 ESL English Discussion Questions

Pets – 15 ESL English Discussion Questions

Here are 15 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Pets”:


1- Do you have any pets?

2- What type of pets do you have?

3- What’s the story behind how you got your pet(s)?

4- What’s your favorite thing about your pet(s)?

5- Do you have any funny pet stories?

6- Have you ever trained a pet?

7- Do you prefer dogs or cats?

8- Have you ever rescued a pet?

9- What’s the most unique pet you’ve ever had or seen?

10- How does having a pet impact your daily life?

11- Have you ever traveled with your pet(s)?

12- Do you think it’s important for people to have pets?

13- What’s the best pet-related gift you’ve ever received?

14- Do you think it’s better to adopt or buy a pet?

15- Have you ever volunteered at a pet shelter?

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