Annoying things – 17 English Discussion Questions

Here are 17 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Annoying things”:


1- What is the most annoying thing about living where you live now?

2- What annoys you about driving a car in your city?

3- What annoys you most about living at home with your parents or family?

4- Are there things you do that annoy other people?

5- Are you bothered when people kiss in public?

6- When waiting in line, do you find it annoying when someone cuts in front of you?

7- What annoying habits does your best friend have?

8- Does smoking annoy you?

9- What is something that your parents do that annoys you?

10- If something is annoying you, what do you usually do?

11- What are some things that annoy you that don’t annoy your best friend?

12- How do you change annoying habits?

13- What are some things that car drivers do that annoy you?

14- What kinds of things do children do that annoy adults around them?

15- Does it annoy you when people don’t use the right punctuation?

16- What kind of people annoy you?

17- Who is the most annoying person you know? Why?


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