Depression – 11 English Discussion Questions

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by a persistent low mood, decreased interest in activities, decreased energy, and impaired cognitive function. Some common symptoms of depression include feeling hopeless, feeling like nothing can be done to improve the situation, feelings of guilt, sadness, and loneliness.


Depression can often lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. It is important to seek professional help if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: mood swings, changes in appetite or weight, problems with sleep, suicidal thoughts, or attempts at suicide.


Here are 11 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Depression”:


1- What are the symptoms of depression?

2- What are the causes of depression?

3- How can you treat depression?

4- How can you prevent depression from occurring?

5- What do you do to maintain or improve your mental well-being?

6- Are you worried about the mental health of anyone you know? Do you do anything about it?

7- Does mental well-being deserve more consideration than physical well-being?

8- Does the modern world increase the chance of mental health problems?

9- Today, do you think life is more stressful than fifty years ago?

10- What would you do if you felt suicidal? If a loved one felt suicidal?

11- How do you differentiate between depression and burnout?


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