The difference between Lose and Loose [Summary]

Despite the fact that English speakers use these words incorrectly, they are easy to distinguish. We spell them differently and pronounce them differently, but still use them incorrectly.



Lose – pronounced with a ‘z’ sound, is a verb that means to not have something anymore, to be unable to find something, or to not win. You lose your cell phone, or you get lost while driving to your destination, for example.


  • I hope my football team doesn’t lose the game.
  • If she gambles with her money, she will lose it.



Loose on the other hand with an “s” sound has two meanings. It can be an adjective that describes something that is unattached, free, or not tight. Alternatively, it can be a verb that describes untying or releasing something.


  • My dog was wandering loose in the neighborhood.
  • She was wearing a loose dress.

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