The conjuring (Movie) – 4 ESL English Discussion Questions

The conjuring

Summary reminder:


Starting off with a seemingly happy beginning, The Perrons family moves into a new home, a secluded farmhouse. And without further ado, some early signs started to emerge that something wasn’t right, especially the family dog’s refusal to go inside.

Paranormal events started to escalate, so the family decided to call two famous investigators that specialize in the paranormal, Lorraine and Ed Warren. The Warrens dig into the house’s history, and they find a series of unnerving stories about murders and suicides perpetrated by the home’s former residents.

So were they able to cleanse the house of evil spirits?

1- If the existence of Ghosts and other supernatural creatures or phenomena can’t be proven scientifically, can science one day prove the opposite? How?

2- Why don’t big or mega movie stars in Hollywood do horror movies?

3- Can horror movies actually be good for anxiety?

4- Why do people fear the unknown?

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