Social Media – 19 ESL English Discussion Questions

Social Media

Here are 19 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Social Media”:

1- Do you use social networking sites?

2- What are the advantages/disadvantages of using social media?

3- What is your favorite social media platform?

4- What is your least favorite social media platform?

5- What information do you have on your social networking pages?

6- What kind of information do you feel comfortable releasing to the public?

7- How do your parents use social networking sites?

8- What type of information should be put on social networking sites?

9- If you were the CEO of META what changes would you make to improve the user experience?

10- Do you think that personal branding is impossible without using social media?

11- Do you think Instagram reflects reality? Explain.

12- How do you feel about the positive and negative effects of social media on a person’s self-esteem?

13- In your opinion, why social media platforms are addictive?

14- LinkedIn is the business/professional version of Instagram. Do you agree? Explain.

15- What Social Media app do you think will become less popular soon? Please explain your answer.

16- Is social media necessary to be successful?

17- Can social media be educational? Provide an example.

18- What would your ideal social media platform be like?

19- How can you use Social Media in a Self-Disciplined Way?

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