Personal Branding – 10 ESL English Discussion Questions

Personal branding

Here are 10 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Personal Branding”:

1- What is personal branding?

2- What are the benefits of personal branding?

3- What are the challenges of personal branding?

4- What tips would you give to someone who is starting to personal brand themselves?

5- What is the difference between having a personal brand and being a social media influencer?

6- How do you preserve the value of your brand while you change careers? What actions do you take to re-establish your brand in a new field?

7- What books or resources would you recommend for gaining an understanding of personal branding?

8- Is personal branding about creating a fake persona?

9- Do you think that sometimes you have to change who you are or your values and principles to maintain your personal image?

10- Is personal branding essential to succeed?

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