Work-Life Balance – 9 English Discussion Questions

As you grow as an individual and a professional, you begin to realize that the balance between your work and life isn’t always easy. When you first start, it seems like there’s no need to ever stop working, or that there’s always time to plan another project or meet with your team again. However, as time goes on, new responsibilities, hobbies and relationships all take their toll on how much time you have available. While some people thrive in this environment where they are constantly busy and others quickly burn out, for most people, finding the right balance is essential for remaining healthy and balanced. As with any other aspect of life, finding your niche requires self-awareness and planning.


Here are 9 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Work-Life Balance”:


1- Is there a way we can measure or assess Work-Life balance within a company?

2- What does ideal balance look like to you in your life?

3- How can we achieve work-life balance?

4- What should companies and organizations do to ensure a balanced life for their employees?

5- Do you agree that the 4-day workweek adopted in so many countries helps find the balance needed and also increases productivity unlike what was expected from the majority? If yes, how would you explain that?

6- Does flexibility offer a better work-life balance? Explain.

7- What are some tips for recovering from work-life balance stress?

8- What are the benefits of working a flexible work schedule?

9- What are the benefits of taking breaks throughout the day?


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