Prison Break – 15 ESL English Discussion Questions

Prison Break

Summary reminder:


Prison Break” is an American television series that aired from 2005 to 2009, and then again from 2017 to 2018. It follows the story of two brothers, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, who find themselves in the prison system after Lincoln is falsely accused of murder. Michael devises a plan to break Lincoln out of prison and clear his name, and the series follows the brothers as they navigate through the complexities of the prison system, escape attempts, and their interactions with other inmates and prison staff.


Conversation Questions:


1- Who is your favorite character in the series and why?

2- What do you think makes “Prison Break” stand out from other crime dramas?

3- Do you think Michael’s plan to break Lincoln out of prison was realistic?

4- What was your favorite episode or season of the series?

5- Do you think the series would have been different if it was set in a different location?

6- Who was your favorite villain in the series and why?

7- Did you see any plot twists coming, or were you surprised by the direction the story took?

8- Did you have a favorite scene or moment in the series?

9- What do you think was the biggest challenge the characters faced during their prison break?

10- Did you have any favorite relationships or dynamics between the characters?

11- Did the series ending leave you satisfied, or were you hoping for more?

12- Do you think the series would make a good movie adaptation?

13- How do you think the series handled themes of justice and morality?

14- Do you think the series was more about the prison break itself or the relationships between the characters?

15- If you could change one thing about the series, what would it be?

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