Money – 16 ESL English Discussion Questions

Money – 16 ESL English Discussion Questions

Here are 16 Conversation Questions about “Money”:


1- What role does money play in our lives?

2- How has the value of money changed over time?

3- What are some common misconceptions about money?

4- How does money impact our relationships and mental health?

5- What are some practical ways to manage and save money?

6- How does the economy and financial markets impact our personal finances?

7- What are the benefits and drawbacks of different payment methods (e.g. cash, credit, debit)?

8- How has the rise of technology impacted the way we handle money?

9- What is the importance of financial literacy and education?

10- How can we work towards financial stability and independence?

11- What are some common money-related problems and how can they be addressed?

12- What are some ways to invest and grow our money?

13- What is the role of money in politics and public policy?

14- How has the pandemic impacted personal finances and the economy?

15- What can we learn from historical financial events and how can they inform our personal financial decisions?

16- Can money buy happiness?


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