Job interviews – 9 ESL English Discussion Questions

Here are 9 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Job interviews”:


1- Have you ever turned down a job after an interview? Why?

2- What do you think the interviewer is looking for at the interview?

3- What are you, as the person being interviewed, looking for at the interview?

4- Have you ever interviewed anyone for a job?

5- Do you think it’s easy to choose a candidate from an interview? Explain!

6- Have you ever had to interview the same person/candidate more than once?

7- If there are two candidates with similar work experience and specific skills for the job, put the following in order of influence for the final choice: /Age /Gender /Marital status /Social skills

8- Do you believe that having good social skills is more crucial for getting a job than having the necessary skills for the job?

9- Interviewers often appear to have little or no knowledge of the actual job requirements and are only a first ‘filter‘, according to people with job experience. What do you think about this?

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