Donald Trump – 12 ESL English Discussion Questions

Donald Trump

Here are 12 Conversation Questions about “Donald Trump”:

1- What do you think sets Donald Trump apart from other US Presidents or politicians?

2- Do you think Donald Trump is Racist? Explain!

3- What do you think Donald Trump’s biggest accomplishment has been?

4- Do you consider Donal Trump a good leader? Explain!

5- Is money always a sign of success?

6- How has Donald Trump’s presidency changed the United States?

7- What are some of the most controversial actions that Trump has taken as president?

8- What do you think of Donald Trump’s ethics?

9- What do you think of Trump’s personality?

10- Do you think experience is always required to run for the presidency?

11- What are Trump’s views on the economy?

12- What are Trump’s views on immigration?


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