Climate Change – 14 ESL English Discussion Questions

Climate Change

Here are 14 Conversation Questions about “Climate Change”:


1- What is climate change and how does it affect the planet?

2- How do human activities contribute to global warming?

3- What are the potential impacts of climate change on society and the economy?

4- What are some of the solutions proposed to address climate change?

5- How can individuals and communities take action to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate climate change?

6- What kinds of impacts does climate change have on the most vulnerable groups?

7- What role does climate change play in affecting wildlife and biodiversity?

8- What is the Paris Agreement and why is it important for combating climate change?

9- How does climate change impact agriculture and food security?

10- What are the potential consequences of not addressing climate change soon?

11- How do businesses and corporations contribute to climate change and what can they do to reduce their impact?

12- How can we use technology to address climate change?

13- What are the effects of global warming on severe weather?

14- How can we raise awareness about climate change and inspire people to take action?

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