Artificial Intelligence – 9 English Discussion Questions

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence of machines. AI is an essential element of modern technology and a growing presence in our everyday lives. With the increasing use of technology, AI has become one of the most important topics to discuss today. What is Artificial Intelligence? AI is a broad term that refers to the various techniques that help computers make decisions and solve problems as a human would.

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ comes from a field known as computer science or information technology (specifically, software engineering or electrical engineering). It has been used in reference to programs that simulate cognitive processes in humans, such as learning and problem-solving. For this reason, artificial intelligence is also referred to as ‘Machine Intelligence’; it’s what computers do.


1- Can artificial intelligence be dangerous?

2- What aspects of the future will be shaped by artificial intelligence?

3- Will intelligent robots replace humans in all difficult, cumbersome jobs and professions in the name of the progress of civilization?

4- Will artificial emotional intelligence be possible?

5- What do we need artificial intelligence for?

6- Which are the most powerful artificial intelligence companies?

7- What’s the difference between AI and ML?

8- What are the risks of using artificial intelligence?

9- How can artificial intelligence be used in business?


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