A Beautiful Mind (Movie) – 6 ESL English Discussion Questions

a beautiful mind

Summary reminder:

The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is based on the life of the famous, Nobel Prize winner schizophrenic mathematician, John Forbes Nash Jr., who is played by Russel Crowe. This movie was partly inspired by the biography of the same name by Sylvia Nasar.


This movie creates a chronological timeline of John Nash’s life starting when he enters graduate school at Princeton to study mathematics where the early symptoms of schizophrenia begin to appear all the way up to when he won the Nobel Prize while still dealing with his disability.


The well-acted “A Beautiful Mind” is both a moving love story and a revealing look at mental illness.


1- How did you find Russel Crowe’s acting in this film?

2- How did you find the movie?

3- Do you know personally someone who is dealing with a mental illness?

4- What do you know about mental illness? And in your opinion what causes it?

5- What are the disorders that are healable?

6- Why are certain disorders not?


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